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Joe Gibbs &
Derrick Boles

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  • I am pleased to write to you on behalf of Mr. Derrick Boles. Derrick has partnered with the Idaho Middle Level Association the past six years. More important than his qualifications, Derrick is a true advocate of educators. Everything he does has its roots in what is best for kids. He realizes that the success and effectiveness of any school is entirely dependent upon making students and their needs come first. He relates amazingly well to students and staff alike.

    Furthermore, Derrick is good at working with other people.  It is not always easy to balance the different needs and personalities of the many people involved, and Derrick has proven himself adept at handling this task.

    In my opinion Derricks dedication, cooperative spirit, technology skills, interest in the well-being of others, and flexible working style make him an outstanding partner who is destined for significant accomplishments in education, leadership, academia and beyond.

    ~ Dr. Greg Wiles, Ed. D., Executive Director, Idaho Middle Level Association

    Dr. Greg Wiles, Ed. D.
  • “We have worked with Derrick many times, and he never fails to bring us closer together. He brings an abundance of energy and is exceptional at facilitating the productive discussion of a seemingly infinite array of topics – from motivation and leadership training to defining our corporate identity. We look forward to working with him again.”

    ~ THOMAS COLEMAN | President, Coleman Homes

    Thomas Coleman
  • The very first time I met Derrick Boles I instantly knew he was a man of character and deep convictions to make the world a better place. He will make a difference in this world which has lost its moral compass.
    ~ Dale Brown, LSU Hall of Fame Basketball Coach

    Dale Brown
  • I have seen a lot of speakers and presenters. Derrick Boles is one of the best I have ever seen. It’s not just his delivery or content. You can expect to see him on a very big stage soon.
    ~ Hans Schatz, President of G-8 project

    Hans Schatz
  • “Derrick brings a special ability to inspire and connect with any audience. I have seen him engage seven-year-olds and then high level executive directors without missing a beat.”
    ~ Chris Hill
    President of National Police Activities League

    Chris Hill

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